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The destination isn't determined with this one. The story is in the process of being written. This talisman can take you anywhere you want to go. In this story you're the Captain and you're in full control. The boat tends to want to go one direction, you have to pay attention and make sure it's on course. You can choose to take the scenic route or simply push on directly without stops. There's no right answer and we're each on our own journey.

Where should we make some stops? 

This design consists of 12 individual pieces which have been carefully cut, grinded and polished in the Genie Studio. Steady hands have to then assemble the piece. Making sure there's just the right amount of torque in the rotation. To complete this designer piece Lock Seal is used to ensure durability and longevity. 

Designer Bryce Bekker saw this product series clear as day in a dream. There was no doubt it was possible and would come into creation. The development process took 8 months. Designs had to be frequently adjusted as they were not working as intended. Creating such small cogs and intricate patterns requires very accurate machine and steady work. Off by just 1mm and the rotation is insufficient. The final result turned out more mesmerizing then Bryce could've ever imagined.

Designed and made from scratch. The center steering wheel rotates moving the other cogs. The rotation is a complete 360 in either direction. This pendant forms part of Genie's Motion Series.

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✅ One Of A Kind

✅ Calming Effect 

✅ Professionally Polished

✅ Advanced Craftsmanship 

✅ Handmade in Cape Town 

✅  Touch-Up Cloth Provided 

✅ Exclusive Designer Product

  • Weight: 22grams

  • Dimensions: 6cm by 6cm

  • Metal: Aluminum & Brushed Brass 

  • Necklace: Antique brass necklace or antique brass or black gunmetal chain

Made By Bryce Bekker 

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